Here’s how I define responsive websites: a site deigned using certain principles, technologies, and design standards that make the site beautiful and functional on many different screen sizes, operating systems, and browsers.

StatCounter a global statistics website found out that in 2016 the internet traffic from mobile and tablet devices over took desktop traffic at 51.2 percent vs. 48.7 percent. That means unless you have a responsive website your missing out on a LARGE pool of potential customers. Check out some more small business stats here.


Story time:

I’m In the middle Bangkok Thailand, February of 2017. We are hungry and have just arrived to our hotel. Our family had been In a different province for a week hanging out with some friends and we were tired of eating Thai food. We wanted something different but didn’t know the area or language.

Here’s what me and my wife did, we pulled up Google on our cell phones and we searched for restaurants near us…

We found a pizza hut down the street, and man was it the weirdest and best tasting pizza we’ve ever had…

Now lets contrast that with a cafe I found 2 store fronts down:

I was on my way towards pizza hut and I realized that there was a cafe that served American style food. I walked right past it to pizza hut, picked up my hot dog stuffed crust pizza and walked past it again.  Did you hear that?

No amount of signage, posters, or business cards would have told me, that specific cafe existed.


What Responsive websites mean for your business.

Which restaurant won my business? The one with a website that allowed me to access it from my mobile phone…the one with a responsive website.

Let me ask you this question:

If you have one, how does your website look on your phone? How about on your tablet?

This is the reason it is a must for your website to work on many different devices. Did you know many small businesses don’t have a responsive website? Which means their website only works well on a desktop/laptop and not in any other device. Or if they do work there unusable or ugly which leaves a bad taste in your potential customers mouth.

Here’s something else to consider, did you know that responsive websites rank higher in Google and other search engines. What does that mean? It means it makes it more likely that when they search for something related to your website, business, or product that your website comes up in the first page, or first spot on certain search engines.

You want that…

I’ve been checking out local businesses in Palmdale & Lancaster. Most don’t have mobile friendly or responsive  websites. Want yours to stand out? Let us help you out!


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